Bathroom Remodeling – The Process

Introductory Meeting: We will meet with you and your spouse at your home to go over your needs and your design ideas, to decide what is possible and what isn’t, agree on the scope of work to be done, agree on a price and sign a contract.


Demolition and Design: We will start off the project by demolishing the area to be remodeled. As soon as the room has been cleared out of demolition debris, we will move on to the rough state of the project, meaning preparing the area to be remodeled for the finishing.  During this time, you will pick the cabinets, fixtures, appliances, tile, vanity, and flooring.

Framing and Rough Electric and Plumbing:  As soon as the area to be remodeled is demolished and ready for work, our framers come in to build the framing as needed per the bathroom design.  We immediately follow up with our eletricians and plumbers to lay down the rough electric and plumbing for the switches, outlets, lighting and all other electrical and plumbing fixtures.



Finish: Next we cover the walls with drywall, patch, sand and paint.   If needed, we will then build out a shower drain, and install the bathtub.  Next we install your tile and flooring, and now your bathroom is ready for vanity and fixture installation, and for connecting the lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Completion: At this point, we will have a walk-through meeting, and prepare a punch list of final items that need to be done or touched up. Once the items on the punch list have been completed to your total satisfaction, we are going to have a toast and you will enjoy your beautiful new bathroom!

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