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Full House Remodel

A full house remodel or a full house renovation is one in which, as the name implies, we remodel the entire house, or at least the majority of the house. In many cases, the homeowners just bought the house (often a “fixer-upper”) and want to modernize it before they move in. In all cases, however, the homeowners and their family are not in the house during the time of the remodel

The main reason for that is that in most cases, we demolish the house down to the framing, so living in such conditions is not practical nor realistic. After we clear all the demolition debris, we usually proceed to put in new plumbing, electric wiring, and HVAC, as well as new windows and new exterior doors. In some cases, we do some reframing if needed, such as to reclaim space from other rooms to increase the size of the bathroom, or add a walk-in closet or a laundry room.

After that, we put up new drywall and finish it with new paint, and add new new flooring throughout the house. Then, of course, we rebuild the new kitchen and new bathrooms with cabinets, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, finish electric (such as light fixtures and swutches),and appliances.

The full house remodel is out specialty, and we are proud of our ability to carry such complex projects to their conclusion quickly without compromising the quality of our finish work. To get a quote for your whole house remodel, fill out our contact form below or call us now at  (650) 921-4966.